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Environmental protection and technology should not be mutually exclusive. We do everything we can to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum.

CFL Caps
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CFL and Lightning Assembly
Custom built and standard items to cater the largest variables like voltage, shape, size, aesthetics and safety. the raw material meets environmental requirements in line with the rohs norms.processing on the cnc machine with a world class tool and a specially trained peoples ensures the excellance of the products.
Key Tops
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Telephone parts
Double colour moulding a special process is the brain child of aroson plastics. through this process we are avoiding the usage of hazardous paints and ensures the long lasting prints, consistant quality and aesthetics of the key tops, knobs for auto mobile.
Auto Components
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Electrical and General assembly
Our preservance and determination have already established our name in the automobile field for supplying the components meeting the stringened quality standards in terms of dimensional, functional and aesthetical.
Electrical Component
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Automobile and switch parts
Other products we ventured in are the electrical switches,plugs mcb’s and elctronic tube light fittings.