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Environmental protection and technology should not be mutually exclusive. We do everything we can to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum.

  •   Mould Temperature Controllers
  •   Hopper Dryers and Loaders
  •   Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  •   Pad Printing Machine
  •   Tensile Testing Machine


Next generation CNC and microprocessor controlled injection moulding machines from 50 to 150 tons capacity equipped with Hopper Drier and Loader, Mold Temperature controllers ensures the excellence of the moulding of all engineering thermo plastics. We provide answers to customer's specific needs. These are fulfilled through controlled process and stringent quality system implementation at all levels of the organization. Aroson ensures the fulfillment of the commitment of being partner in the OEM’s growth. through continual improvement in quality system, up gradation of the facilities, closely monitoring process and timely availability of supplies. Pad printing machine and Ultra sonic welding machines facilitate the post moulding operation.